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Understanding the Criteria for the Chilazon Mendel E. Singer (PDF) Read it here
This document should be read after the article above (PDF).

  • Teshuva from Rabbi Shlomo Miller on Murex Trunculus
  • Understanding the Criteria for the Chilazon by Mendel E. Singer, Ph.D.
  • Response on behalf of the Ptil Tekhelet Foundation by Baruch Sterman, Ph.D
  • Mendel E. Singer’s reply
  • Letter to the Editor by Rabbi Yechiel Yitzchok Perr
  • Halacha Berurah Feature Article on Techelet
Read it Here
A podcast by Rabbi Yisroel Reisman on techelet. He goes through eight sources from the Talmud and analyzes whether Murex fulfills the requirements of the Talmud as a candidate for the chilazon. Listen here
Association for the Promotion and Distribution of Tekhelet. This site has lots of information on the Murex Trunculus candidate for chilazon. It also has an extensive library of articles on techelet and the chilazon. Read it here
Biblical Archaeology Society and Bible History Daily

  • Archaeological Views: The Great  Tekhelet Debate—
    Blue or Purple?
    By Baruch and Judy Taubes Sterman (Read it here)
  • Scholar’s Study:
    The Great Tekhelet Debate (Read it here)
  • What Color Was Tekhelet?
    Blue tzitzit and murex dye
    By Robin Ngo (Read it here)
  • Regarding the Color of Tekelehet
    By Zvi C. Koren (Read it here)
  • Baruch and Judy Taubes Sterman Respond
    (Read it here)

Professor Zvi C. Koren, director of the Edelstein Center for the Analysis of Ancient Artifacts at the Shenker College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, Israel, criticizes the Stermans’ analysis, to which the Stermans have replied.

Read it here
Baruch Sterman Website
P’til Tekhelet’s Marine Tours (great activity for kids) Read it here
The Colors and Dyes on Ancient Textiles in Israel by Zvi C. Koren Read it here
Beged Ivri
A lecture by Rabbi Hershel Schachter on P’til Tekhelet Listen here
Tekhelet – A Chemical Conundrum by Emily J. Liebling Read it here
Techelet B’zman Haze (Hebrew) Read it here
Colorful Chemistry in Halakha: The Mystery of Tekhelet by Elisa Karp Read it here
An examination of the Kashrus of the Murex snail for Techeiles by Meir Hellman. This is a long article that deals with many of the issues. Read it here
The True-Blue Tale of the World’s Favorite Color by Rose Snyder Read it here
Wildcolours Indigo Dye Buy it here
Spatial and temporal patterns of cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) abundance and environmental influences – a case study using trawl fishery data in French Atlantic coastal, English Channel, and adjacent waters Read it here
True Facts about the Cuttlefish Video View it here
Nova’s Show on Kings of Camouflage View it here
Rav Shlomo Aviner, Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim answers a question on wearing techlet Read it here
Dr. Naama Sukenik from the Israel Antiquities Authority presents her findings on fabric from the Murba’at caves in the Judean desert. View it here


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